Our Bridal Party

~ Bridesmaids ~

mel-thumbnail-751Melissa Jennings – Not only is Melissa my little sister, she was also my roommate for the last two summers. Anyone with siblings knows that says a lot. She came to see me when I was living in Romania, and was the first to meet Dan. She has become more of a friend than a little sister to me, and she has been a wonderful maid of honor–keeping me calm and organized, and always finding ways to keep me laughing!

marissa-thumbnail-75Marissa McColgan – Marissa and I became friends in middle school, when we played on a soccer team together. Several years, one summer camp, and many sleepovers and 4-H meetings later, we roomed together at college–three out of our four years! Needless to say, Marissa has seen me at my best and my very worst, and to her credit, she’s still one of my closest friends. She is a friend I can be my silliest around, and I can always count on her to join in on it.

amy-thumbnail-751Amy Piturachsatit – Amy and I first became friends in 3rd grade, playing together at her parents’ restaurant after children’s choir practice. Even though we went to separate schools through high school and college, Amy has stayed one of my closest friends. When I lived in Europe, I always knew she’d be around to skype, instant message, or email.

caroline-thumbnail-75Caroline Cobb – Caroline and I met on a study abroad program in Vienna, Austria, during our junior year of college. We hit it off immediately–not just because we were both from eastern Washington, but also because of our shared interest in good food, good wine, H&M, and speaking German! Caroline was a great source of inspiration and accountability to me during our semester in Vienna, and I have been blessed by her friendship ever since!

brittni-thumbnail-75Brittni Green – Brittni was my first little sister, and therefore has had to put up with my bossy older sibling ways the longest. From playing the “dad” in our pretend “family,” to getting stuck as the horse pulling our covered wagon to safety, Brittni was always a good sport when it came to games. Now that we’re older, we still have plenty of fun together, but on a more level playing field.

madison-thumbnail-75Madison Jennings – As the youngest of the sisters, Madison got her fair share of abuse. But her position as “baby” also allowed me to do all the mothering I could hope for. Madison and I have a shared love of things abstract and esoteric, and have had many deep conversations solving the world’s problems. I’m sure we’ll continue the conversations as she gets older.

~ Groomsmen ~

dan-thumbnail-751Dan Sobo – Dan and I grew up together in Newtown, Connecticut. In high school, we were known simply as “Dan and Dan.” We formed a band, wrote songs together, and whiled away those angsty teen years in style. After leaving home, we attended different colleges, pursued different careers, and met new friends (and wives!). Still, we have remained close friends, visiting when we can and sharing the milestones as if we never left.


Radu Cristescu – Radu and I became close friends in Bucharest, Romania, while I was doing research for my dissertation. Though I initially tried to “hire” him to help with a translation project, Radu never wanted to take my money. Instead, we exchanged stories and advice, and he became a trusted confidant as things between me and Kymber got serious. Coming all the way from Romania, his presence at our wedding means a lot!

jon-thumbnail-753Jon Papajcik – I met Jon the first week of college at Northwestern University. We became fast friends, sharing a room as sophomores and later living together in Chicago after graduation. We share a love of good music, good beer and, of course, ‘da Bears. Jon never flinches when I ask for a spot on his couch in Chicago. Instead, he offers free Cubs tickets to go with it!


Jarrod Franklin – Jarrod and I first met in a Romanian language class at Indiana University. A while later, we ran into each other at a nightclub in Bloomington and hatched a crazy idea to start a rock band. Since then, we have become great friends, sharing all kinds of unexpected adventures. Thanks to Jarrod, I have smoked a Cuban cigar, driven a Plymouth Duster through Indiana Amish country, and played guitar for a crowd of screaming fans.

seth-thumbnail-751 Seth Horn – Seth is my little brother. We met in Bloomington, Indiana, when he was 13, and I have watched him grow up (literally and figuratively) for the last four years. While I was away in Romania, we kept in touch through emails and postcards, and resumed our friendship without missing a beat when I returned last fall. We may not be related by blood, but he is family to me.

zach-thumbnail-752Zach Jennings – Zach is Kymber’s little brother. Though I have known him only a short time, he has impressed me with his kind heart and friendly, outgoing demeanor. I’m proud to have him as a groomsman and look forward to getting to know him better as a brother-in-law.

~ Behind the scenes ~

grayson-thumbnail-75 Grayson Bryant – Grayson and I go back to kindergarten. We have been friends through every stage of life, and he even came to visit me in Romania! Grayson would surely be a groomsman under normal circumstances–if it weren’t for his superior photography skills, which inspired us to ask if he would serve as our wedding photographer. Thank you for your generosity, Grayson! We will do our best to pay you back…preferably, in the form of food! ;)


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